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Rival Marketing is the Twin Cities BEST Digital Marketing agency. We offer a powerful Marketing/Sales Automation Platform, accompanied by stunning and original Digital Marketing Content, and competitive Growth Hacking Strategies.

Get Your Personalized Marketing "Dream Team"!

At Rival Marketing, we believe that the KEY to delivering a GREAT marketing experience is to match our client's personalities with their own personalized Dream Team! So you get a team that can meet your location, personality, design styles, and industries marketing needs.

Marketing Automation is like a CRM on Steroids!

Can your CRM generate contact info from a users IP address? Can it ask them different questions when they revisit forms? Can it cater content for specific marketing personas to increase engagement? Can it track engagement from Emails, Blogs, Website Visits, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdWords, Landing Pages, Custom Links, and More?

Scale Your Business As FAST As POSSIBLE!

Each month we build an automated marketing campaign and carefully track its ROI. With every campaign, you will bring in more and more customers, not only do these campaigns become more efficient over time, but continuing to add more campaigns will make your business grow exponentially!

Join Our TEAM

Are you a freelance copywriter, photographer, videographer, or graphic designer? We are always looking to add new creative members to our team.

Working with us you will get matched for projects that match your design style, personality, locations, and industries. 

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Looking for Support?

If you are a member of one of our marketing plans you can contact your account manager at any time for support.

If you are not a member of our marketing plans or lost your manager's contact info you may contact us on the Get Started page or use our Live Support in the bottom right corner of the page.

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