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About Us:

Rival Marketing is a new and exciting venture into the world of Web Design and Digital Marketing. We believe in the philosophy of function-over-fashion and therefore we strive to help you get the most out of your web presence. We combine a professional look, keyword rich content, and link all of your online accounts to the face of your business, which is your website.
Small Business Owners Look Out for Each Other!
For More Info Contact: sales@oxendaleconsulting.com
"I never knew how much our old website was holding us back!"
-Dave Larson
"Rival Marketing did more in 3 months than our previous analytics partner did last year!"
-Alex Jackson
"Jake showed me the True Power of Social Media Marketing!"
-Amy Thompson
"We cut our Pay-Per-Click Budget in HALF with Twice the Results"
-Dr. Nick Peterson

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A rich, highly flexible and visually diverse template.

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Backstory behind Rival Marketing?

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Rival.Marketing is the Website Development and Marketing branch of Oxendale Consulting. Oxendale Consulting is a Technical R&D Company that utilizes NextGen Technology such as Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing to help Business Owners take their business to the next level with CONFIDENCE! Currently, we are working on a handful of proprietary State of the Art tools that we use to promote Websites and Small Businesses online. For more information Subscribe To Our Blog! 

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