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What is your Content Strategy? (7 Great Ideas)

It's the holiday season and (if you are anything like me) I know what's on your mind... Content Marketing!  What better way to "Share the Holiday Spirit" than exploit it for marketing purposes??? (Too harsh?) OK Hear me out, "Content Strategy" is using something people relate to engaging with them...

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Black Friday Special 2018

Friday - Monday ONLY This is the cheapest we have EVER offered our services! Package 20 hours (5 Pages) $899.00 USD 40 hours (10 Pages) $1,699.00 USD 80 hours (20 Pages) $2,999.00 USD 10 hours (SEO) $499.99 USD Lock In BF Pricing (1 Yr) $99.99 USD Ideal for small businesses or...

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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring may sound impersonal, but it's not about ranking people on a personal level, it's just a score that shows you how much interest that person is showing in your product and how likely that person is to convert into a sale. Once the lead score hits a certain goal value its converted into...

What is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a set of steps that you put a lead through that requires a salesperson to convert the lead. Each process of the pipeline brings them closer to a sale and it also calculates the value of that lead based on their engagement, the amount potentially generated, and the likelihood the...

What are Rival Reports?

Rival Reports are special reports that we use to track your marketing campaigns progress. We track all of your marketing efforts to give a compare/contrast on how much every $ is actually generating for your business and where the MOST efficient campaign is. We go over these with you once a month...

What are Landing Pages

Landing Pages are web pages that you enter a marketing funnel with. They typically offer a webhook or something of value in exchange for your contact information which is then used to market to you. These pages are also tracked to help determine personal information, for instance, lets say we ran...

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