What is Rival Dream Team?

Rival Dream Team is a group of local freelancers led by your Account Manager who is matched with you based on your personality or sometimes they double as a freelancer that brought your account to Rival Marketing. This group is carefully matched to your businesses specific needs. Our Photographers are always within 50 miles of the client so that you get a local photographer that can photograph your business. Our Web Designers are selected by your choice of website template so that you always get a web designer that is familiar with the template you want. Our Copywriters are matched by industry, this way you get someone who KNOWS what they are talking about and what type of verbiage that attracts your customers. This is especially useful for industries that have lots of compliance like Medical Marketing or Financial industries.  Our Videographers are matched based on the needs of your campaign, some videographers just do interviews, some just pilot drones. Our Graphic Designers are matched based on design styles and patterns you select when you fill out your personality survey, this way you get a graphic designer whos individual style appeals to you. We also have many specialists such as Compliance Consultants, Branding Consultants, UX designers, Programmers, and more.

All together this should make a team that is 100% fully capable to meet your needs. The great part about the Dream Team is if someone on the team isn't working out we can switch them out for a different freelancer that will work. Your primary contact is your account manager whom you are either already familiar with or has been selected for you based on your personality test. This should create a strong match for you and we are confident there will be no issues, but even if your account manager isn't working out we can always switch them around if necessary, this way you can feel confident that by investing with Rival Marketing you are going to always be able to work with a team that meets your requirements. 

The dream team was a response to a series of issues I would commonly run into while starting my marketing company. Every company had one of five complaints:

  1. We just didn't get along. (Personality Matching)
  2. They were not local and were not capable of creating a personal marketing experience (Location Matching)
  3. I need someone who can specialize in my industry. (Industry Matching)
  4. Our design styles just didnt click. (Design Matching)
  5. I wanted to do things my way but my agency couldn't accommodate. (Template Matching)

As you can start to see the way we built the dream team was to accommodate for EVERY need you may have.

After all where else are you going to find a marketing company that fits your Personality, Location, Industry, Design Styles, AND Website Template?




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