What is your Content Strategy? (7 Great Ideas)

It's the holiday season and (if you are anything like me) I know what's on your mind... Content Marketing! 

What better way to "Share the Holiday Spirit" than exploit it for marketing purposes??? (Too harsh?)

OK Hear me out, "Content Strategy" is using something people relate to engaging with them in a more meaningful and personalized way. What better strategy than the Holidays. By following the tips listed below you can spread the holiday cheer AND get your customers to engage with your business. 

So here are 7 tips on how to use the holiday season to create quality and authentic marketing content. 

  1. Did you put up a Tree at your office? 
    • Use an iPhone to take a portrait photo and post it on Facebook as a 3D Photo.
  2. Are you having a holiday party?
    • Grab a few videos for YouTube
  3. Ugly Christmas Sweater Pictures?
    • Great for Social Media or Email Newsletters.
  4. Have you been Making Christmas Cookies?
    • Decorate a few with your logo and post it on Instagram or Pinterest.
  5. Christmas eCards for clients?
    • Use JibJab to create a funny and engaging video for Vimeo. 
  6. 12 Days of Christmas Photos?
    1. Great for Person Marketing and Scheduled Social Media Posts
  7. White Elephant Gift Exchange?
    1. Get a Snap Filter on SnapChat

The holiday season is the BEST time of year for marketing for any business.

Content is critical in marketing today and by having a Content Strategy you are 9x more likely to engage with your customers and we all know engagement = conversions. 

This for the month of December we are offering free meetings, videos, and blogs on developing Content Strategy.

To schedule, a FREE consultation go to: https://rival.marketing/index.php/contact 

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