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What are Progressive Forms?

Progressive forms are forms that change every time you land on a page with them. By tracking cookies and IP addresses we can determine if a person has already filled out a form and the next time they come across the same form, we can ask your customers different information that will assist the sales...

How do Automated Workflows... Work?

Automation is the future. Anything that you do that is part of a process can be automated and streamlined through workflows. For example. Lets say you want to follow up with a client 3 weeks after a purchase, but you always forget to do that. Setup and automation feature where 3 weeks after the purchase...

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping Cart Abandonment is when a person almost checks out but stops at the last second. Who knows why, but what if you could email them a few days later and ask them to reconsider or mention their items are still waiting for them. 

What is VisitorID?

VisitorID is a state of the art feature that you only get with Rival MAP. It uses a website visitors IP address to find contact information and to track engagement. It can even sometimes pull contact information from JUST a visitors IP address. 

What is Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content is where we show different content for different people based on their Personas, Interests, Engagement, and more. We can do this with virtually any variable and it is usually very strategic when it comes to warming up a lead. 

What is Persona Marketing?

Persona Marketing is where you create a fictional persona and ask your website visitors a customer that will put them into 1 of the fiction personalities. You then use those to cater different content that should hopefully engage more with the user. 

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