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Rival Marketing produces the absolute BEST websites in the Twin Cities. We only use the highest quality WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify templates and we FINE tune those templates into an authentic and engaging website.

At Rival, we believe that your website is the FACE of your business. It's the first thing customers see and we strive to make sure you make the BEST impression possible. 

In 2019 anyone can build a website, but if you hire us for your website project you will get a team of creative freelancers, experienced web designers, and a marketing expert that will turn your website into an INCOME GENERATING MACHINE!

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Graphic Design

In 2019 Content is KEY. Services like Facebook, Youtube, or Google are understanding marketing content better than ever. Our Graphic Designers understand how to optimize your existing content to get the most out of it across all of your marketing campaigns. 

Our graphic designers can make Logos, Infographics, PDF's, Newsletters, Blog Images, How-To Documents, Brochures, Business Cards, Social Media Images, and more.

They understand the design principles of Color Theory, Typography, Alignment, Proximity, Contrast, Repetition, Size, Balance, and Personality.



Copywriting is one of the most important creative services in advertising. It's all about saying as much as possible using the fewest words. 

Our copywriters know how to write captivating and engaging Blog Articles, Website Content, Facebook Posts, AdWords, Tweets, and more. 




Photography is all about capturing a single moment. Whether it's an Event, Headshots, Office Party, New Employees, or just grabbing something quick for a blog. Rival Marketing is there to capture those moments and help you get the most out of them across all your marketing campaigns. 

The need for original content has never been more important to developing authentic marketing campaigns. Our photographers know what looks good and what draws people in.

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Video Content is considered the MOST engaging form of media today. Creating a marketing video not only requires the proper equipment but a GREAT video strategy.

Video can be intimidating to some people (especially if you've tried to DIY) but at Rival Marketing we make it fun. We know how to produce videos that are sure to captivate and engage your potential clients. 


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