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Web Design
Web Design is creating the layout and flow of the website for its intended purpose.
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Creative Services:

We have a very talented photographer we work with to get photos of your business in action. We have over 1000 local MN photos we can use just for you. We have access to over 30 Million BEAUTIFUL Stock Photos.

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30 Day / Easy 10 Step Process


We require 50% of the total amount due before we start working on the site.

Day 1

Day 1

Determine Web Hosting

Determine how you would like to have your website hosted. We allow our clients to use either our cloud hosting services or your own provider.

Develope Site Map

Here we determine how many pages and what pages we are creating.

Day 1

Day 1

Pick a Template

We pick a beautiful responsive, mobile optimized, CMS template that fits your businesses needs.

Produce Content

Determine what content needs to be produced. Schedule appointments with our artists, designers, or producers. 

Day 1

Day 1 - Day 14

Build the Site

We build the site.

Present the First Draft

We present the site and go over changes that need to be made.

Day 14

Day 14 - Day 30

Make Final Edits

We make the final edits.

Final Payment is Due

The remaining 50% of the site is due. 

Day 30

Day 30


We publish the new site under the official domain. 
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