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Web Marketing

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Search Engines

Google is the worlds largest Search Engine. We stay current on all the updates Google applies to their search algorithms. 

On-Page SEO

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Google actually has programs they call spiders that "Crawl" the web and index text content. When you type in a keyword into google it then shows you all of the sites it found with those words on it. The Goal of SEO is to reach the top of that list. It starts with On-Page SEO and ends with linking other sites to yours. 
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Reports and Analytics

Google Analytics
Get a report emailed to you Monthly with any of our SEO plans. These Analytics reports will provide insight into where your traffic is coming from, how long they are on the site, what they are looking at, and in some cases even demographics about the user. 
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All of our websites are built with keyword rich content in mind to make sure your site gets found on Google first. We integrate this content into the site while building it using special tools to help shape content in a way that is easier for Google to see. Driving you up the list and resulting in more traffic and more customers. 
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